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We are currently developing an enhanced training structure set to launch in 2024, promising to be bigger and better than ever!

Unveil Zoe's cherished brow style, the lamination & tint, and unlock the mastery of creating flawlessly soft brows. Whether you attend our Gold Coast, Australia studio or join us from anywhere worldwide, you'll gain the expertise to achieve the perfect lamination & tint.

Our cutting-edge class demonstrates stunning techniques that will transform your clients' brows into a fluffy and flattering look, leaving them awestruck. Benefit from the guidance of a leading Global Brow Educator, ensuring you learn from the best in the industry.

Brow lamination uses a hair relaxant to manipulate brow hairs in the desired direction, creating a sleek and tidy appearance. It tames wild, wiry, and unmanageable hairs, softening them into the ideal brow shape. Depending on the client's hair growth and aftercare, this individual treatment can last anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks. 

Brow tint, a semi-permanent skin and hair stain, is ideal for clients who desire a gentler brow stain, as it is less dense than hybrid brow dye. The processing time for this treatment is shorter, and its longevity typically lasts about 5 to 7 days on the skin and up to 4 weeks on the hair.

✅ Full day of practice training

✅ Online brow masterclass valued at $499 AUD

✅ Live demonstration from Zoe

✅ 2 model practices

✅ Kits available as an extra package

✅ Product discount from suppliers

Note: You will be required to source your own models.

If you need us to source them, please notify us upon confirming your training day.

✅ Brow Code Regular Tint

✅ Mayamy Lamination

✅ Consultations

✅ Colour Theory

✅ Mapping/Shaping

✅ Colour Correcting

✅ Taking Photos/Videos

✅ Aftercare

✅ Tool Sanitising

✅ How to master the perfect concealed brow

We strive to accommodate clients from any location worldwide to the best of our ability.

We offer customised training programs and can travel to your location for groups of 2 or more for local/interstate travel or 3 or more for overseas travel. Let us help you bring our expertise to your doorstep and take your skills to the next level!

For more information regarding this option, please contact us at with your specific requests, and we will be happy to discuss further arrangements.

We cannot wait to hear from you!

If you require any assistance with booking, whether it's selecting the right masterclass for you or finding availability, we're here to help. Simply drop us an email at or fill out the Contact Us form below, and we'll be happy to assist you with your needs. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Within Australia, there are currently no certification requirements or government regulations within brow services, to hold a qualification to perform brow treatments on clients. The only qualification that can be obtained that recognises brow treatments is a Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy, which can only be provided by an accredited beauty school or TAFE.

  • Carvd Academy is not a supplier and does not supply products/kits.

Instead, we offer a discount to our favourite brow supplier who ships worldwide.

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