Slaying Social Media E-Book & Tutorials


Welcome to the ultimate Social Media Bundle, where Zoe spills all her secrets on how to slay the social media game!

As an entrepreneur, it's vital to build an online community across multiple social media platforms to establish trust with potential clients and increase sales.

With this bundle, you'll get a 7-part video tutorial where Zoe showcases how to edit photos, videos, and create marketing content across seven different apps, along with the theory behind it in our 64-page E-book.

In the 7 part video tutorials we focus on - Instagram & Reel creation, TikTok, branding & marketing creation through Canva, photo editing through Lightroom, FaceTune & Studio and video editing through Inshot

In this E-Book we cover - Instagram, TikTok, branding, apps & about them, camera settings, lighting, angles, video example of angles, photo editing, video editing, Canva creation, Instagram hacks, posting, analytics, clientele growth, engagement, Instagram stories, hashtags, important things to remember.

Currently, all of our Social Media accounts are totalling at:

Instagram @carvdcademy - 69k

TikTok @Carvdacademy - 1.3M+

We actually lost our main Instagram account last year which was sitting at 98K and have been able to build our new account to 69K in a matter of 9 months!


We dive into how this can be possible for you too through our ebook.

We regret to inform you that our E-book and video tutorials are only available in English and cannot be translated into other languages at this time. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

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