Hey Brow Angel!

I'm Zoe, the proud owner and founder of Carvd Academy and Carvd.

Let me share a little about my journey with you.

Since 2008, I've been immersed in the beauty industry, starting at the age of 12 in my mother’s thriving salon. There, I honed my skills in various beauty treatments, from waxing to hairdressing. In my late teens, I explored other industries but found my way back to beauty, starting my own business as a makeup artist. This soon expanded to include eyelash extensions and brow treatments.

After building a strong client base, I realized that my ambitions were limited in a small town, so I relocated to the Gold Coast, Australia. This move marked a significant turning point for the better.

During the TikTok boom, our company skyrocketed with overnight recognition, gaining a community of over 1 million followers. The demand for education grew, leading me to create numerous online masterclasses. 

I've discovered my true passion, which is teaching students how to become exceptional artists by sharing my specialized techniques. To fully pursue this passion and give it my all, I had to temporarily give up my salon, Carvd. However, it has opened up new opportunities for me to travel worldwide and offer in-person training, live webinars, masterclass workshops, live demonstrations and judge for renowned beauty events.

Carvd has transitioned from our salon to our product line, enabling us to offer high-quality tools that complement our precision in the art of brows.

Today, I'm living my dream, sharing my specialized techniques and knowledge with aspiring artists. At Carvd Academy, we create a supportive community dedicated to excellence in brow artistry.

Join us, and let's elevate your skills together!

Brand Journey

If you didn’t know, our company was formerly known as Lust Brow Academy & Lust Brow Bar. We underwent a rebranding in early 2023 to better reflect our values, mission, and vision, and to distinguish ourselves in the industry. Our new identity embodies our commitment to empowering individuals to achieve their goals, enabling us to serve our customers and community more effectively.

Originally established in 2018 as a home studio specializing in client services, we expanded into brow education in 2020. Responding to high demand from our social audience, we became one of the few Brow Specialists to offer online masterclasses. Since then, we have released nine different masterclasses, including six as part of our Volume 1 and Volume 2 series.

The brow industry evolves rapidly with new products and emerging knowledge, and we strive to keep our masterclasses up-to-date and relevant. Every couple of years, we create new volumes of masterclasses to reflect the latest research and techniques that our expert Zoe has tested herself. We also update existing masterclasses as needed to ensure they remain as current as possible.

Over the years, we have enrolled 4,700+ aspiring and advanced artists into our academy, and our community continues to grow daily, boasting over 1.3 million followers across Instagram and TikTok (@carvdacademy.au and @carvdacademy). This makes us the world’s largest brow community.

We’ve also been featured in prominent platforms such as The Daily Mail, The Insider, Lad Bible, Snapchat Discovery, and Huda Beauty, among others.

Sadly, in June 2022, we faced the setback of losing our Instagram account, which was our main platform for connecting with our audience. Over the past two years, we have rebuilt our Instagram presence, creating an even stronger and more supportive community than before.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our journey and for being a part of our community, whether as a supporter or a student. Your presence is greatly valued.