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Welcome to Carvd Academy, where we take pride in helping brow artists grow and perfect their skills in Lamination, Hybrid Brow Dye & Tint. Zoe, our Global Brow Educator, has trained over 4300 students worldwide, from her home country Australia, all the way to Europe. She believes that with the right tools and mindset, any artist can achieve their dreams. We create a supportive and encouraging environment where everyone is welcomed. Whether you're a beginner or experienced artist, we offer training that starts from the basics and showcases advanced techniques.

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What is Hybrid Brow Dye?

Hybrid brow dye is a recently introduced product to the world of brow treatments, combining features of both tint and henna to earn its name "hybrid." This demi-permanent colourant is capable of staining both the hair and skin, and its results last significantly longer than other temporary brow stain treatments. The application of hybrid brow dye produces a rich, dense and full appearance to the brow, which is particularly desirable for those seeking well-defined, voluminous, and thicker-looking brows. Based on our experience, our clients generally enjoy approximately 2 weeks of colour retention on the skin, and up to 7 weeks on the hair.

Difference between Signature Brow Sculpt & lamination, Tint?

The significant difference between these two treatments is that one involves regular tint, while the other one uses brow dye.

While regular tint produces a softer, more feathery look, brow dye provides a bolder, more defined appearance. This is due to the denser nature of brow dye, which also results in a longer-lasting skin stain. Therefore, those seeking a strong skin stain and well-defined, lasting brows may prefer brow dye, while those wanting a more delicate effect may opt for regular tint.

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If you have a team of three or more members, we can personalize a training program for you and even travel to your destination.

To get more information about this option, please reach out to us at, and share your requirements. We can discuss your requests in further detail.

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Student Reviews

Clarissa P*****

100% worth the investment. My skills improved 10x more & the results I get with using some of the tips & tricks is everything. If you're thinking about it, 1000% YES. Zoe delivers so much information that you do not want to miss out on ☺️🤎


Seriously couldn't recommend or thank Zoe enough. She's so happy to help all the time and gives me tips all of the time. So grateful that I did the masterclass. I 100% lookup to Zoe and how amazing her business is, how sweet and supportive she is towards a small business like me. Thank you so much xx

Siobhan V*****

I am obsessed with Carvd Academy’s masterclasses.
She is so thorough and doesn’t miss any steps. I learnt so much through her courses and can’t wait for her to offer more so I can continue learning.
Such an amazing person behind her courses offering constant help and always supporting our businesses.
If you're wanting to do a masterclass for brows and level up your brow game, this is the one !